API Spartan Fly Tying Vise

  • For sale is an API (Angling Products Incorporated) Spartan Fly Tying Vise. The HMH was designed by Bill Hunter in 1975 and made by API. In 1980, API bought HMH. API drew up the plans for a new version of the HMH.  It was a scaled-down model of the HMH Standard that was essentially a 2/3 replica. They named this vise Spartan which was built between 1981 and 2000.

    Other than the obvious size difference, the Spartan model used a one-piece jaw and the Standard used multiple pieces interchangeable jaw.

    In addition to the one-piece jaw, the Spartan cast iron base has a flat surface base. The Standard cast iron base had a flat surface supporting the spindle, but the top surface then sloped all the way to the front of the base. The vise has a 5/16 stem.

    Two jaw styles were available for the Spartan Mini vise, the Universal, and the Restricted Use jaw. The universal was capable of holding salmon hooks done to small midge hooks. The Restricted Use jaws were like modern midge jaws. This vise comes with the Universal jaws. The base is made of cast iron and weighs enough for a variety of tying needs. Don't let the size of this vise fool you. This is in excellent condition.

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