I grew up in a small ranch style house filled with victorian antiques at a time shag carpet and avocado green were in vogue. Our high tank pull chain toilets and porcelain water fixtures were a conversation topic with first time visitors. The noise alone would get your attention.

With no wall space or floor space to add more antiques, five, maybe six years ago my father's attention went to a candy apple red 34 Ford, complete with chrome engine. No fiberglass on this bad boy. At this point he discussed selling some of his collections - railroad watches, cork screws, children toys, children guns, adult guns, hand cuffs, swinger clocks, carriage clocks, and more.

We discussed auctions or a website. I made plans for using AntiquesPurveyor and just incase that time came for me, ClassicTacklePurveyor. My father couldn't part with his collections. Url's lapsed and then I repurchased them when the following event took place.

While visiting a local fly shop, I was asked to assist in selling an amazing collection of vintage bamboo rods and classic gear that had belonged to Chris Lloyd, a recently deceased conservation officer and fly-fishing enthusiast with a national reputation.  I agreed to contact a few consignors on the family's behalf. One offered to drive to Texas to pick up the collection. 

But the family was reluctant.  They knew the collection was valuable and had special meaning to Chris, so they wanted to ensure that whomever acquired it would appreciate its aesthetic and cultural value.  Since the sale proceeds would go to Chris's daughter, who is physically disabled, they also wanted to ensure that the collection was available to buyers who recognized the true monetary value of the rods and gear---many of which are nearly impossible to find in such excellent condition.

Once I had the chance to review the items and Chris's careful, personalized documentation, as well as his "Salmonid" posts on the Classic Fly Rod forum, it was clear to me that this website is the collection's proper home.  Here you will find information on all 67 rods, 34 reels, and 5 vises, as well as leather reel cases/bags and leather rod tubes.  And, while many have been sold, many valuable and unique items remain available.

It became apparent selling 117 items a few at a time would stretch out for an extended period. Having spent 24-years creating identities for businesses big and small, creating a website for the collection was a natural progression.

I never met Chris - Salmonid - or communicated with him on the forum. After reading his notes, handling each item in his collection, and communicating on the phone with his friends about a few custom rods, I felt like I had known Chris. Funny thing how we feel connected to those who share the same passion.

I made a new friend in this process. And feel a great loss from his passing.