Bellinger | Saracione – 3" Deluxe

  • For your consideration is a Bellinger | Saracione Narrow Model 3 fly reel in right-hand retrieve. These bench-made reels are made with German silver protective side bands with Delrin side plates. Bolstered cross-pillars are made of German silver, as is the counterbalance, winding-arm washer cup, handle screw and washer, and stamped oil cap. Preset gear and pawl drag design with a soft inbound click and a more pronounced outbound. Frame diameter is 3”. Spool width is 11/16,” and the reel weighs 5.55 oz. Serial number 128. Original box, warranty card, bag, and Arne Mason leather clamshell case. 

  • Model: 3
    Frame Diameter: 3"
    Frame Width: 0.6875"
    Line Capacity: 
    Reel Weight:  5.55 oz.

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