Leonard, H.L. – Hunt Model 50-5

  • For your consideration is an H.L. Leonard Hunt Pattern model 50-5 bamboo fly rod in unfished condition. This is a three-piece for a 5-weight line weighing 4.35 ounces. All sections are full-length and straight.

    This rod consists of rich tempered cane with red silks and decorative wraps at the ferrules and hook keeper. Hunt blued cap and ring hardware over a mortised and 'caramelized' curly maple spacer that compliments the golden nodes. Ferrules are sizes 16 and 10 with a perfect fit. In my hand, the action is on the fast side of medium fast. One tip is marked with SN 8490, and the other three sections are SN 8366. We believe at a gathering two individuals were comparing their unfished Hunt Pattern rods, and the tips were accidentally exchanged. This Maxwell-influenced Hunt Pattern is a truly handsome rod. Don't miss out on this unfished beauty.

    Richard Hunt, the rod’s namesake, asked Leonard to build him a rod that would lend to low visibility on the water. It’s believed his request can be traced back to as early as the 1920s. Initially, the bamboo was stained, not flamed. All hardware was blued. Few Hunt patterns were produced in the 1960s and early 1970s. Tom Maxwell in his tenure at Leonard made atonement and resurrected the Hunt Pattern. 

  • Model: Hunt 50-5
    Length: 8' 0"
    Configuration: Three-piece
    Weight: 4.35 oz.
    Line: 5 weight
    Serial Number: 8366

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