Best, A.K. – Vise Set

  • For your consideration is a close to complete set of A.K. Best fly tying equipment. These are highly collectible and rarely seen, especially with this many components.


    – Vise
    – Standard Base
    – Large Base
    – C-Clamp
    – Three (3) stems; 1 short, 2 long
    – Third hand
    – Two (2) bobbin holders of different lengths
    – Complete Stacker set
    – Tweezers

    One of the weights in the large base came loose, and one slightly cracked the bottom cork. This most likely occurred in shipping. The one that came loose was a clean break of the cork. See the last photos. This has no effect on the base and how it rests flush with the surface it is on. All four weights will be secured in shipping to prevent this from further issues.

    I have only seen this complete set listed once before. 

  • Model: A.K. Best