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EF Payne – 102L

This is an 8' 0" 2/2 4wt. weighing 3.50 oz. Most 102Ls have extremely delicate tips in the 0.0400 range making them a 3wt. This 102L has 0.0600 tips and is a 4wt. This is equivalent to an early 100 or later 100L. In my opinion, this is the most practical 102L I have handled.

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Thomas – 8' 0" 5wt Special

Mildly tempered cane with deep chestnut brown wraps. At the male ferrules, there are three decorative wraps each with three turns. The cigar grip measures 5 1/2" in length. Butt cap is stamped O 44 indicating this was the 44th rod made...

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A.L. Walker – T/R-1

This is a very scarce A.L. Walker T/R-1 fly reel. It has a 2 1/2" diameter with a 1 5/8" frame width. The Walker catalog says it's for a 3 or 4 line with 25 yards backing. It is a fixed click set up for RHW.

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EF Payne – 100

This is a 7' 6" 2/2 3wt or 4wt weighing 3.25 oz. The tips mic at 0.0625 which puts this in the range of a later 100L Original cork with 1/4" and 3/8" rings in a Payne-style grip measuring 5 1/4" in length...

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Ted Simroe – 8' 0" 5wt. Sale Pending

This rod consists of straw-colored cane with brown caramel wraps and black tipping. Bright hardware throughout. The cigar grip measures 6" in length. Down-locking hardware over wood spacer coordinating perfectly with the wraps. 

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H.L. Leonard – Duracane 7' 0" 3/4wt.  Sale Pending

This is a Leonard Green Wrap Duracane bamboo fly rod. It's a 7' 0" 2/1 (made this way) for 4wt weighing 2.75 oz. This is the lightest Duracane I have seen. Feels much like a Leonard 38. Serial number 2301. All sections are full length and straight.

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E.F. Payne – 97L  Sale Pending

For your consideration is a very rare EF Payne 97-L bamboo fly rod in all original condition. This is a 7' 0" 2/1 3 wt. weighing 2.55 oz. All sections are full length and straight. In 1963 the "Sold by Abercrombie & Fitch" stamp was changed to...

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