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By virtue of consignment and acquisition of individual pieces or collections, we enable those in pursuit of classic and vintage fly tackle.

Contact us if you have something you want to sell.

H.L. Leonard - Model 39H 7' 6" 5wt

Available to you is an H.L. Leonard Model 39H – an early post-fire rod with a pre-fire taper from the Ted Simroe era. Proceeding the fire, the first three batches of blanks were developed with pre-fire tapers. This is a 7' 6" 5wt. (some prefer a 6wt but the pre-fire taper makes it a 5wt for most) bamboo rod weighing 4.15 oz. Serial no. 535. All sections are full length and straight.

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J.A. Bradford - Legacy, 8' 0" 5wt - SOLD

John Bradford's Legacy bamboo rods are frequently listed in revered collections, but seldom seen for sale. This one consists of mildly tempered cane with cinnamon wraps and gold tipping. Dickerson influenced intermediates for measuring....

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Thomas & Thomas - Rod and Reel Bag - SOLD

Offered to you is a rare Thomas & Thomas rod and reel carrying or storage bag. This is 57" by 8.5" holding approximately 8 - 10 tubes. A 9' 2/2 rod fits comfortably. There are five pockets. The three on the front side have dividers...

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Jenkins Rod Co. - GA79  7' 9" 5wt

John Bradford made the blank in Walton Powell's shop and Mike Clark finished it out. One of Six rods labeled "J.A. Bradford | M.D. Clark Makers." See letter of provenance for more details. All sections are full length and straight...

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R.K. Bolt - 8' 0" 4wt New with plastic on grip

Robert Bolt builds rods in the tradition of his predecessor, Gary Howells. This rod consists of mildly tempered cane with transparent wraps. Bright silver hardware throughout. A well proportioned western style grip measures 5 1/2" in length....

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