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F.E. Thomas - Special Mahogany 6' 6" 3wt 

For sale is an early F.E. Thomas Special Mahogany bamboo fly rod. This is a 6' 6" 2/2 3wt. weighing 2.45 oz. The taper is very similar to a 7' 0" Fairy. This is the shortest rod listed by F.E. Thomas under the Special Brown Tone models. Top hat compression-sealed cap is original. This consists of mahogany-colored cane with red intermediate wraps. Oxidized guides accompanied by a red agate Mildrum stripper and bayonet tip tops...

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E.F. Payne  – Highland Mills 8' 0" 2wt / 3wt

This is a pre-1920s Highland Mills Payne bamboo fly rod made in the Catskill idea. This is an 8' 0" 3/2 for a 2wt or 3wt. In 1914 Ed Payne's passing left Jim with a legacy to move forward. Jim continued making rods of his father's design until two years after Ed Payne's passing when he began experimenting with tempering the cane to a darker tone – downstream becoming his legacy. The medium tempered cane places this rod built within the first three years of Jim Payne using this method.

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D.G. Schroeder 7' 9" 4wt  SALE PENDING

Bob Summers says "Don's workmanship is as good as it gets." This rod consists of rich flamed cane with transparent brown wraps at the guides and wine at the ferrules. Cigar grip measures 6" in length. Classic cap and ring over a beautifully modeled...

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Carpenter & Casey 2 3/4"   SALE PENDING

This is a Carpenter and Casey wide spool fly reel for a 4-5 weight line weighing 4.65 oz. This reel is stunning in its simplicity of design and quality of craftsmanship. This appears to be unfished and doubtful a line was ever spooled on it 

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Ari 't Hart De Luxe Fly Vise

These are very rare and seldom seen for sale. Ari's products are well designed and impressive pieces of engineering. This vise is no exception. The simple light with reflector is effortless to control and position. The magnifier has a small inset area...

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Jenkins –GA803   Sale Pending

This is an 8' 0" 3/2 5wt weighing 4.35 oz. Serial number GA803-11. All sections are full length and straight. This rod consists of rich flamed cane with brown wraps. The grip measures 6" in length. Classic cap and ring over a cherry wood spacer. 

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Hardy Bros. – St. George 3 3/4" LHW

This is a Hardy St. George 3 3/4" fly reel in very difficult to source left-hand wind.
Ebonite handle spins freely. Nickel silver rim tension screw and regulator work as intended. Honest signs of use.

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Art Weiler – Garrison 212

This is an 8' 0" 3/2 5wt weighing 4.60 oz. The original 212 was a two-piece configuration. Art marks the rod as a Garrison 212X to indicate it is his "experiment" converting this taper to a three-piece configuration. 

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Peerless - Model 7M   Sold

The Peerless Model 7M – M stands for midge – has a  2 3/4" diameter and weighs 4.7 oz. The raised pillar 7 Series was produced in limited production. These delightful light reels were made by Bob Corsetti and are no longer produced. 

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H.L. Leonard – 39H   Sold

This is a 7' 6" 2/1 5wt. weighing 3.55 oz. All sections are full-length and straight. The 39H is considered one of the all-time best dry fly rods. In my hand, the action is medium-fast with a full working taper. 

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