Ciemiega, Tom - Midge, 6' 3" 2/2 4wt

  • In the late 1950s, Tom Ciemiega started working in Paul Young’s shop tying flies. Paul taught Tom his secrets of the trade on the weekends over a four year tutelage. Tom once traded 80 dozen hand tied flies to Paul for a “Martha Marie." For your consideration is a Tom Ciemiega Midge bamboo fly rod. This is a 6' 3" 2/2 4wt weighing 3.00 oz. All sections are full length and straight.

    The cane has a rich flamed tempering with deep auburn wraps. Well proportioned cigar grip measures 5" in length. Classic nickel silver cap and ring over a well modeled wood insert complimenting wrap color. A unique detail includes a half blued tip top to distinguish tip one from tip two. Ferrule is a size 14. They currently do not set completely but a cleaning will correct this. The action is medium. Lawn cast only. This rod is in like new condition.

    A Paul Young collector on the Classic Fly Rod Forum said Ciemiega's rods "should take a back seat to no one." His work is of the highest standards.

  • Model: Tom Ciemiega
    Length: 6' 3"
    Configuration: 2/2
    Weight:  3.00 oz.
    Line:  4 weight
    Serial Number: NA

    From the article "Tom Ciemiega Cane/Bamboo Rod Artisan"

    When he (Tom) and his wife Shirley became engaged to be married, Shirley bought Tom a Paul Young, seven and a half foot ‘Midge’ bamboo rod for an engagement present. He continued to visit Paul’s shop every chance that he got. On some of the visits, he even met people like Ted Williams, Joan Wulff, and Ernie Schweibert. Over the years, with the demands of a family, his working career and other pursuits, Tom never quite got to the rod making.

    (In the late 1990's), forty years since his association with Paul Young, Tom decided that if he were to ever take up bamboo rod making, it was “either do it now or forget about it.” He poured over his notes from his days with Paul Young. Today, Tom constructs some of the finest cane rods ever to hit a stream in the hands of fly-fishers. To cast one of his meticulously built bamboo poles is to be able to study artwork in form and function. The rods not only perform flawlessly, casting forty or more feet of line effortlessly, they are perfect in their appearance as well.