Charlton - 8350C

  • For sale is a Charlton 8350C fly reel. This is 3" diameter with a 1" wide spool weighing 4.45oz. Serial number 8350-9154. The smallest and lightest of the Charlton Reels, the 8350 has long been a favorite of trout fishermen. This is in new condition and has never been lined.

    This reel is set for RHW. It is loaded with a 1/5 (3-5 wt line) spool. Mint condition and includes the original blue pouch. All black anodized. This reel is a very high-end piece of machining.

    1/5 Spool
    WF3 + 150yds 20#
    WF4 + 110yds 20#
    WF5 + 100yds 20# 

  • Model: 8350C
    Frame Diameter: 3"
    Frame Width: 1"
    Line Capacity: 1/5 spool: WF3 + 150yds, WF4 + 110yds, WF5 + 100yds
    Reel Weight:  4.45oz.