Dickerson, Lyle – 861711-D from 1937

  • For your consideration is a Lyle Dickerson model 861711-D bamboo fly rod in original condition. This is an 8' 6" 3-piece for a 6-weight line weighing 4.60 oz. It's difficult to find a Dickerson from 1937 in original condition. This has a dry and wet fly tip. All sections are full-length and straight.

    This rod consists of medium tempered cane constructed in a 3x3 node pattern with Dickerson brown wraps and black tipping. Indicative Dickerson intermediates for measuring your catch at 7", 8", 9", and 10" from winding check. The grip measures 6" in length and is in remarkable condition. Down-locking aluminum hardware over walnut spacer with an exposed wood butt cap. On one flat J.S. Sweeney Jr. is inscribed. Ferrules are sizes 17 and 11 with a perfect fit. The dry fly tip is 0.610, and the wet fly is 0.710. Each section is marked 8-6-A JSS Jr. At the foot of a few guides, before disappearing under a wrap, the varnish has separated from the rod but would easily be remedied with a drop of varnish. Some bag fibers on the varnish can be found throughout from its softening at one point. The varnish appears to have stabilized. The owner of this rod decided to allow the purchaser to address these points so they could purchase it in its original condition. One could simply give this a good coat of wax and be done if they choose.

    The Sweeney family was one of Dickerson's best customers. Dickerson made dozens of rods for the family, especially John Sweeney Jr. In fact, he developed a series of notations to help the family prevent mixing up the many sections. On this rod, Dickerson used a vertical rectangle with the base raised to the center to form a 'square' A. This is proceeded by 8-6 and followed by the owner's initials, JSS Jr. Rods made for the Sweeney family are among the few Dickerson's with script on the tips.

    For more information on Dickerson and his rods, visit www.DickersonRods.com. Marc has done an extraordinary job of researching and acquiring information and generously shares his efforts with everyone.

  • Model: 861711-D
    Length: 8' 6"
    Configuration: Three-piece
    Weight: 4.60 oz.
    Line: 6 weight
    Serial Number: NA