Dingley – 3" Caged Spool

  • For your consideration is a rare 1920s Dingley 3" caged spool fly reel made for A. Carter & Co., South Molton St. W. This highly sought-after brass pin, caged spool reel has a 3" diameter with a 1 1/16" frame width weighing only 5.45 ounces. The ivorine handle spins freely. This features an unmolested smooth brass foot, a telephone-style latch, and a 1906 check with a spring that can be adjusted or removed and flipped to operate in either LHW or RHW. Stamped D21 inside and 21 on the foot. No line burn on the pillars. Minor rim rash in a few areas. Mechanically tight with minor spool play surfacing when winding fast. The very strong presence of leading remaining is a hallmark of Dingley reels.

  • Model: Dingley Caged Spool
    Frame Diameter: 3"
    Frame Width: 1 1/16"
    Line Capacity: 
    Reel Weight:  5.45 ounces