Dingley – Uniqua Clone 2 3/4"

  • For your consideration is a Dingley Uniqua clone fly reel made for Westley Richards & Co., Birmingham. This is a 2 3/4" diameter reel with a 1" frame width weighing 3.90 ounces. The ivorine handle spins freely, and the telephone latch mechanism functions smoothly. This features an unmolested smooth brass foot, and a 1906 check. This spring can be removed and flipped to operate in either LHW or RHW. Mechanically tight, no spool wobble, and exceptionally clean inside. Proudly stamped with a D and 4 inside and a 4 on the reel foot. The lights washed out the very deep grey color of this reel. This is a great example of the lasting and strong presence of leading on a reel made by William Henry Dingley. 

  • Model: Dingley Uniqua Clone
    Frame Diameter: 2 3/4"
    Frame Width: 1"
    Line Capacity: 
    Reel Weight:  3.90 ounces