Edmonds, Mark - Garrison 209 4wt

  • Available to you is a Garrison style 209 bamboo rod from ninja builder Mark Edmonds. This is a 7' 6" 3/2 for a 4wt, weighing 3.70 oz. All sections are full length and straight.

    This rod features resorcinol glue lines indicative of the pre-WWII Garrison era. The sliding band and cap are over cork with a 6" Garrison style grip. Size 12/17 pot-belly ferrules with a perfect fit. In my hand, this rod is full working per Garrison's masterful engineered tapers. Mark Edmonds sold a few dozen rods through Len Codella in the late '90s but mostly built rods for family and friends. A friend of mine purchased an Edmonds Garrison 204 from Bob Summers. Bob said the taper and resorcinol glue construction felt and looked like an original Garrison.

  • Model: Garrison 206
    Length: 7' 6"
    Configuration: 3-piece
    Weight:  3.70 oz.
    Line: 4 weight
    Serial Number: