Edwards – Quadrate 7' 0"

  • For your consideration is an Edwards Quadrate #40 bamboo fly rod. This is a 7’ 0” two-piece for a 5wt line weighing 3.30 oz. All sections are straight and full length.

    Medium flame-tempered cane with golden tan silks tipped crimson. The distinguishing script remains in place. Square tenite winding check. The all-cork grip has minor ridging and a 6" grip. The ferrule is size 12 with a perfect fit. In my hand, the action is on the fast side with a strong dry-fly demeanor. Steve Blake has expertly refinished this rod with new silks and varnish. The replacement tube has a partial sticker and is the length of a 7' 3" rod.

  • Model: Quadrate #40
    Length: 7' 0"
    Configuration: Two-piece
    Weight:  3.30 oz.
    Line: 5 weight
    Serial Number: NA