Hardy Bros.– Perfect 2 7/8"

  • For your consideration is a post-war Hardy Perfect fly reel. This is a 2 7/8" reel weighing 5.75 oz. This reel does not have a line guard and has been used by the owner for LHW, although made to be RHW. The pawl was flipped and works as intended for LHW. We hear concerns expressed the spool will come off with a large fish taking out line quickly. Realistically, a 2 7/8" reel would not be used in that type of water.

    This is an early post-war reel with a brass ribbed foot with the original packaging. The owner has fished it sparingly over the years he has owned it and purchased it in unused condition. There are only a few marks that show any loss of enamel on the rims. This is one of the nicest late '40s/early '50s Perfects I have seen.

  • Model: Hardy Perfect
    Frame Diameter: 2 7/8"
    Frame Width: 
    Line Capacity: 
    Reel Weight:  5.75 oz.