• The HMH SX is the predecessor to the ST. This one is in excellent condition and would top off an HMH collection or function as a great tying vise for travel or on a bench. It does not include a hex wrench.

    From HMH:

    The HMH SX is built on a fixed-angle frame but gives you the added versatility of the famous HMH interchangeable jaw system. We think the SX is the best value for your money, giving you better access to any size or type of hook than any other vise on the market today. And if you're looking for a travel vise, or a second vise for your camp, the SX clamp model can't be beat. Tenkara practicioners also are enjoying the simple and elegant way that the SX ties Tenkara flies, echoing the same qualities inherent in the Tenkara approach. The SX is available with either a pedestal base or c-clamp.

    • Interchangeable jaw system for maximum versatility
    • Teflon-smooth full rotary action
    • Original HMH Disc-drag rotary tension adjustment
    • Fast and easy one-handed operation
    • Precision-machined, stainless steel collet and adjusting knob
    •Heavy-duty cam lever
    • Nickel-plated chassis/standrod (universal 3/8" diameter)
    • Powder-coated pedestal base or C-clamp

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