Leonard, H.L. – 36L 1.50 oz.

  • For your consideration is an exceptional all-original H.L. Leonard Model 36L "Fairy Catskill" bamboo fly rod. This was the lightest model made by Leonard and is quite rare to find. This is a 6' 0" two-piece weighing 1.50 ounces. All sections are original full-length and straight.

    This consists of straw-colored cane with red wraps. The grip measures 5 1/2 inches. The reel seat is adorned by the desirable "wedding band" style slide ring. The tips mic at 0.0450 and 0.0475 and I'm told are close to as fine as can be made. The Swiss-style ferrule is size 7. In my hand, the action is medium and is now the lightest and most wispy wand I have personally held. This post-fire rod has the HLL logo roll stamped on the butt cap although it is not as clearly seen as "Leonard Rod Co. Makers." Serial number 306 dates to approximately 1970 – they implemented serial numbers in 1969. There's a stress crack in the varnish on the wrap of the guide at the female ferrule which has an over varnish. I did not see this with the naked eye but with an 8x loop. The latter also applies to the male ferrules. The varnish was feathered into the blank and has a few rough spots. Also, only noticeable with an 8x loop. The tube and bag with stiffener are all original. Although pre-fire and later Maxwell Leonards are more coveted than the post-fire rods, it's exceedingly difficult to find this model made during any era in full-length condition. 

    The owner fished this with 1-weight silk. Many do this to protect the fine tips and to make the rod perform "more dry fly like." These rods would have been fished originally with an IFI, IFG, HFH, or HFG ( 3wt and 4wt) silk line. These lines would have produced a deeper bend and almost wet fly action as the line weight increased. 

    The rod owner fished this with either his Wm. Mills & Son Fairy or Leonard Bi-Metal reel which is also for sale here on the site.

  • Model: 36L
    Length: 6' 0"
    Configuration: Two-piece
    Weight: 1.50 oz.
    Line: 1 weight
    Serial Number: 306