Leonard, H.L. – 38ACM

  • For your consideration is a rare late pre-fire H.L. Leonard 38ACM. This is a 7’ 0” 2/2 3/4wt., weighing 2 3/8 oz. It’s rare to find these with full-length sections.

    The 38ACM taper is between a 38L and 38H. Arthur C. Mills is credited for the 38ACM, but it's believed his father, Thomas Bate Mills, had suggested it. In my hand, the action is medium. A delicate, full working taper. Competent attaining a 40' cast and beyond if required. Many compare this taper to the Payne 98. An Orvis reel seat was put on this rod by a previous owner to accommodate more types of reels. Steve Blake has used original Leonard cork and butternut to restore this to its intended configuration. Diminutive cigar grip measuring 4 1/8”. Nickel silver hardware over butternut wood spacer. Clear wraps with Leonard period lettuce warm yellow/green silks at the size 10 ferrule, which has a perfect fit. The tips are a lean 0.0655”. Unfished since rebuilt in 2001. Original tube and bag with stiffener.

  • Model: 38ACM
    Length: 7' 0"
    Configuration: 2 piece, 2 tips
    Weight: 2 3/8oz.
    Line: 3 or 4 weight
    Serial Number: NA