Leonard, H.L. – 49-6 Tournament

  • For your consideration is a very rare H.L. Leonard (possibly Maxwell era) 49-6 Tournament bamboo fly rod in new condition with the plastic remaining on the grip. This is a 7' 6" 3/2 6wt weighing 4.25 ounces. Serial Number 81299. This is the only Leonard Tournament rod I have seen from this period. All sections are full-length and straight.

    Tom Maxwell left the Leonard shop in the 1981 production year. This rod has the hallmark aesthetics and level of detail that he brought to Leonard during his tenure. This rod is possibly from the end of his stay or therefore just after. Maxwell's influence is present.

    This rod consists of straw-colored cane with Leonard red wraps and full intermediates with a red agate stripping guide. There are 20 signature wraps at the base of the butt section framing the writing on the rod. The grip measures 5 3/8" in length with the plastic remaining intact. Beautiful brass cap and ring with a deep roll stamp on the cap of "H.L. Leonard Rod Co., Rod Maker, Since 1869." In my hand, the action is on the fast side of medium-fast. Single and double dots are marked on the tips for ease of rotation. Includes the original bag and tube.

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  • Model: 49-6
    Length: 7' 6"
    Configuration: Three-piece
    Weight: 4.25 oz.
    Line: 6 weight
    Serial Number: 81299