Leonard, H.L. – Model 38H

  • For your consideration is an H.L. Leonard 38H in all original condition. This is a 7' 0" two-piece for a 4 or 5 weight line weighing 2.80 oz. All sections are full-length and straight.

    This rod consists of straw colored cane with red wraps. Diminutive cigar grip measuring 5" in length. Nickel silver butt cap and sliding band over butternut wood spacer. The cap has the HLL logo dating this as a post-fire rod but made before they implemented serial numbers in 1970. The 38H is considered one of the all-time best dry fly rods. In my hand, the action is medium-fast with a full working taper. This would be a slightly quicker rod with a 4-weight line and more full working with a 5-weight. This rod is competent attaining a 40' cast and beyond if required. This rod appears to not have been fished.

  • Model: 38H
    Length: 7' 0"
    Configuration: 2 piece, 2 tips
    Weight: 2.80 oz.
    Line: 4 or 5-weight
    Serial Number: NA