Maurer, George – Rocky Mountain Special

  • For sale is a Maurer Sweetwater Rocky Mountain Special. This is a 7' 9" 3/2 for a 5 or 6 weight line. This is George's interpretation of the Para 14 and Para 15 in a shorter rod. As described on his website, "this exceptional taper will handle a wide range of flies and waters."

    From Ed Engle's Splitting Cane. "He [George Maurer] liked rods that flexed more fully, allowing a somewhat slower action—an action that an angler could feel and appreciate."

    This consists of medium flamed cane with transparent warm brown wraps and features handsome treatment to intermediates at the winding check. Ferrules are size 13 and 18. Grip measures 6" in length. Cap and ring over the well-modeled wood spacer. In my hand, the action is medium-fast and described frequently as semi parabolic. Varnish has a few imperfections. Original bag and tube.

  • Model: Rocky Mountain Special
    Length: 7' 9"
    Configuration: Three-piece
    Weight:  4.40 oz.
    Line: 5 or 6 weight
    Serial Number: 95-2002