Montague – Eel River Combo

  • For your consideration is a Montague Eel River Combination rod in new condition. This rod comes with four pieces plus a grip. The fly rod is 9' 0" and comprised of 3-pieces, four if you include the grip!. The bait casting version is comprised of two pieces plus the grip. The plastic is still on the cork.

    This rod consists of medium tempered cane with green wraps. Grip measures 5 3/4" in length and still has the plastic label on it. Down-locking hardware for the fly rod and up-locking for the bait casting version. The varnish on the stripping guide wraps has dried and cracked. For either preservation or actual use, this needs an over varnish. The fly rod, in my hand, is on the medium side of medium fast. A spare tip wrapped blue was acquired at one point to match this rod. Includes the original bag and tube. 

    A wonderful novelty rod that makes a great addition to any collection.

  • Model: Eel River Combination
    Length: 9' 0" / 6' 0"
    Configuration: Three-piece / Two-piece
    Weight:  7.5 oz. / 6.80 oz. The weight is in the grip.
    Line: 6 weight
    Serial Number: NA