Orvis, C.F. - 7/3, Howard Steere's Rod

  • In 1972, Orvis shop superintendent Howard Steere introduced Orvis' first 3 wt taper, the SEVEN/three. Those attending and seeing photographs of items at the Steere estate sale confirm this is one of Steere's personal rods. No serial number. Howard Steere's name inscribed with other Orvis markings. Well taken care of and lightly fished. The tube is the dark metallic gray with no indication there was ever a label. A piece of history.

  • Model: Orvis SEVEN/three
    Length:  7' 0"
    Configuration: 2/2
    Weight:  2 3/8 oz.
    Line:  IGI 3 wt
    Serial Number:  NA

    Howard Steere started his 25-year career at Orvis in 1970. He was hired as superintendent of the Orvis rod shop by owner, Leigh Perkins.

    When Steere, then a toolmaker in Maine, accepted the position, bamboo rod production was falling short by 40% of potential demand. The rod builders were older craftsmen who made rods at their own pace. He was one of 18 employees. Steere recalls the place as being “a classic, great old building, not modern, but well aged with antiquated equipment and good skilled employees.” Through his mechanical wizardry, Steere designed better machinery, tools and processes for building bamboo rods. He coupled such progress with his natural leadership abilities, and in short order, the rod shop was up to full capacity and consistently building premium bamboo rods.