Orvis, C.F. - Leather Rod Tube

  • For your consideration is a 58 1/2" by 4" diameter leather tube. In 2005, Orvis produced a limited edition leather rod tube made by Holland & Holland in England. Constructed from a thick wall PVC tube completed with heavy, high quality leather. The limited edition bamboo rods produced for Orvis' 150th Anniversary came in these tubes. Those were stamped 150th Anniversary. This one was sold as a tube only. Charles F. Orvis engraved on the cap. This fits up to a 9' 6" two piece classic graphite or fiberglass rod.

    Please note this is a 4" tube which can hold four rods in their bags. It is not a 2" for 1 rod.

  • Seller: Orvis
    Maker: Holland & Holland
    Length: 58 1/2" 
    Diameter: 4"