Orvis, C.F. - Mitey Mite 4wt.

  • For your consideration is an Orvis Mitey Mite bamboo fly rod. This is a 5' 0" two-piece for a 4 weight weighing only 1.50 ounces. All of the Mitey Mites I have handled are for a 5 weight and very stiff. This has a pleasant action making it very fishable for small water.

    This rod consists of dark impregnated cane. Size 10 ferrule. Full working and quicker, making it a sharp point-and-shoot rod in tight quarters. There is a small 3/16" long indention on the edge of two flats by the stripper. This does not affect the performance or stability of the rod – it is purely cosmetic. I did not see it when I inspected the rod, but I noticed it in the photographs and how the light caught it. This rod has received a new grip.

  • Model: Orvis Mitey Mite
    Length: 5’ 0”
    Configuration: 2/1
    Weight: 1.50 ounces
    Line: 4 weight
    Serial Number: 50414