Pamola Fly Lathe Vise

  • For your consideration is a rare Pamola Fly Lathe made in Upton, MA. The vise shows no signs of use and is in perfect mechanical condition. The Pamola Fly Tying Lathe is a unique vise that functions as a static or in-line rotary vise. It holds hooks from size 28 to 6/0, and the chuck is actuated by a powerful system that holds hooks securely, yet will not damage them.

    The lathe pivots and rotates to hold hooks in any position and in most cases can be adjusted with one hand. A large diameter wheel and Teflon bearings allow smooth rotation and sensitive feel for control of the hook-holding pressure. There is a tension/locking knob for the rotary function, a knob for the angle of the head, and for the height of the head. As well as operating the rotary function the large wheel at the back operates the opening and closing of the jaws. Both the lathe and parallel bench clamp are machined from solid brass and stainless steel. 

    The Pamola Fly Lathe is quite rare and does not come up often in the secondary market. I understand it has somewhat of a cult following.

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