Payne, E.F. – Model 197

  • For your consideration is an E.F. Payne Model 197. This was sold in 1928 to early 1930s as a Model 198. The specs for this rare late 1920s/early 1930s model later became the 197, and the 198 became a faster, slightly more substantial taper. For many Payne enthusiasts, the 197 taper is the holy grail. This is a 7' 6" 3/2, weighing 3.25 oz. All sections are full-length and straight.

    This rod features medium-tempered cane with Payne dark brown wraps tipped yellow. Blued cap and sliding band over Spanish cedar spacer. Cap is stamped E.F. Payne Rod., E.F. Payne Co. Maker and Sold By Abercrombie and Fitch, New York. Size 14 and 9 ferrules with a perfect fit. In my hand, this rod has a wonderful medium-dry fly characteristic with the buttery smooth aura of all Paynes. This rod would be special with a silk line and fish either a 3 or 4 weight modern line. Steve Blake meticulously refinished this rod. Original bag and tube. This will quickly find its way into the hands of a Payne enthusiast.

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  • Model: 197
    Length: 7' 6"
    Configuration: Three-piece
    Weight: 3.25 oz.
    Line: 3 or 4 weight
    Serial Number: NA