Payne, E.F. – Model 204L

  • For your consideration is a Payne model 204L bamboo fly rod. This is an 8' 6" 3/2 4wt weighing 4.25 oz. I feel this particular 4.25 oz. could take a 5wt for a fuller load at closer distances and not feel overloaded. All sections are full length and straight.

    This rod features medium tempered cane with Payne dark brown wraps tipped black. Oxidized guides accompanied by a red agate stripping guide. Payne style grip measures 5 1/2" in length. Mild ridging throughout with more prominence where the thumb rests. Classic cap and ring with original bluing over a beautifully modeled cedar spacer. The cap is stamped E.F. Payne Rod. E.F. Payne Rod Co. Makers on one side and H & D Folsom Arms, New York on the opposite side. This Payne stamp was introduced in circa 1925 and began fading out in 1932 but continued to be used for a few more years. Ferrules are 10/16 with a perfect fit. In my hand, the action is on the medium side of medium-fast and buttery smooth. Steve Gallas reblued the ferrules matching to the original tone and gave this new wraps and varnish. Everything else is original – cork, bamboo, hardware, bag, and tube with partial label reading 'Folsom Quality Tackle.'

  • Model: 204 L
    Length: 8' 6"
    Configuration: Three-piece
    Weight:  4.25 oz.
    Line: 4 and 5 weight
    Serial Number: NA