Robbins, Rick – 7' 9" Mainstem

  • For your consideration is a Rick Robbins Mainstem bamboo fly rod. This is a 7' 9" three-piece for a 5 or 6-weight line weighing 4.60 oz. Serial number 310. Bob Selb asked Rick to make the 8' 0" Mainstem as a 7' 9" and a little faster for dry fly fishing. Rick liked it and added the 7' 9" "Selb" to the Mainstem line. Built in the traditional Catskill fashion, the Mainstem has a compound progressive taper. This taper is powerful and designed for long casts with rather delicate tips. 

    Straw color oven tempered cane and a three up node pattern with transparent brown wraps tipped red. This features Rick's signature large swelled butt. Cigar grip measures 5' 0" in length. Classic cap and ring with beautiful details and very small knurling. There is nickel silver inlaid lengthwise into the seat to keep the band from digging into the wood. In my hand, this is on the fast side of medium-fast bending deep into the rod. The owner of the rod spoke with Rick and both him and Rick like this with a DT5 when making longer casts. Includes the original bag and labeled tube with a handsome and substantial brass cap and collar.

    From Rick's site:

    All of the tapers were designed by Rick Robbins over his more than 44 years of bamboo rod building. While greatly influenced by Rick’s mentor and best friend Tom Maxwell, all tapers are original and proprietary. The tapers are designed and built at three-inch increments. This adopts the traditional format of classic, professional Catskill builders and results in more rod precision than those built at 5” measurements.

  • Model: Mainstem–Selb
    Length: 7' 9"
    Configuration: Three-piece
    Weight: 4.60 oz.
    Line: 5 / 6 weight
    Serial Number: 301