Robichaud, D.L. – 3" Trout

  • For your consideration is a very difficult to source D.L. Robichaud bench made Trout model reel. This is a 3" diameter reel weighing 5.15 ounces with backing on it. Appears to be made for a 5/6 weight line.

    NOTE: Previously I stated the caliper could be flipped to change the retrieve direction. The back of the caliper is recessed and rides on the spring so this is RHW only.

    This has a click drag with a caliper and is RHW. For maintenance or to change the spool, removing the faceplate is accomplished by easily turning each of the three large screws a 1/4 turn. The faceplate is spring loaded and easily removed – genius engineering. Upon close inspection there are a few surface scratches on the rear face plate and one on the rear rim. These might be from storage because the foot does not show signs of being mounted.

    Robichaud reels are very collectible and do not appear often for sale – especially his bench made models. This is the only one in purple I have seen. I do not believe the bag is original to the reel but the purple liner coordinates well with the reel's finish.

  • Model: Trout
    Frame Diameter: 3"
    Frame Width: 1 5/16"
    Line Capacity: 
    Reel Weight:  5.15 ounces