Summers, R.W. – Model 82

  • For sale is an R.W. Summers Model 82 or sometimes referred to as an 827 bamboo fly rod - 8’ 2” 2/2 7wt. Serial no. 121185. All sections are full length and straight.

    Darkly flamed bamboo is complemented by translucent cinnamon wraps. Outfitted with down locking aluminum hardware with a nickel silver butt cap and a well-modeled mortised spacer. Size 15 ferrule has a perfect fit. The rod weighs 5.40 oz. In my hand, the taper is on the fast side of medium-fast. Original tube, bag, and ferrule plug.

    This is Bob Summers's favorite rod for the Michigan hex hatch using a size 6 fly.

  • Model: 82 or 827
    Length: 8' 2"
    Configuration: Two piece
    Weight:  5.40 oz.
    Line: 7 weight
    Serial Number: 121185