Thomas & Thomas – 7' 6" 4wt Paradigm

  • For your consideration is a Thomas & Thomas Paradigm 7' 6" 4 weight. This two-piece rod weighs 3.95 oz. The T&T Paradigm was the renowned angler and author Ernest "Ernie" Schwiebert's favorite 8' 0" 5 weight rod. Per Brandin shared that the T&T Paradigm 4 weight influenced him in the early days of his developing tapers. In the last ten years, this is only the second 7' 6" 4 weight Paradigm I have seen for sale. I purchased the other one, and it is one of my favorite rods and puts a smile on everyone's face at all gatherings. 

    This rod consists of medium tempered cane with transparent wraps tipped cinnamon with dark chestnut wraps at the butt and ferrules. The grip measures 5 1/2" in length and is clean and smooth. Cap and ring over walnut spacer with the cap roll stamped "Thomas & Thomas Makers." The ferrule is size 14 and stamped tastefully with the TT logo. In my hand, the action is medium fast bending deep into the butt section. The fine tips develop quickly into a steep taper which levels out through much of the rod until the significantly swelled butt. The Paradigm is Tom Dorsey's favorite taper he designed. Includes the original tube and bag with stiffener. Don't miss out on this one because you will most likely not see another for quite some time to come.

  • Model: Paradigm
    Length: 7' 6"
    Configuration: Two-piece
    Weight: 3.95 oz.
    Line: 4 weight
    Serial Number: 3607