Thomas & Thomas - Limestoner

  • Thomas and Thomas Limestoner, 8' 0" 4wt. Handles a 5wt quite nicely too. Beautiful flamed cane. A very popular T&T taper. T&T describes it as medium. I find it medium fast. A very versatile all around rod. The rod weighs 4.5 oz - tube label reflects the cane weight only. Size 13/64 ferrules. The varnish is excellent. Original bag with stiffener and tube. A few of the wraps have a frosting appearance as seen in the last photo. This happened to some of the rods from this period. Troy at T&T says it is only cosmetic. This frosting allows for you to acquire a beautiful Thomas & Thomas at a reduced price.

  • Model: Thomas & Thomas Limestoner
    Length:  8' 0"
    Configuration: 2/2
    Weight:  3 1/2 oz.
    Line:  4 wt. / 5 wt.
    Serial Number: 5105