Unknown Maker - 8' (10)

  • Fast parabolic action. Larry Geib inscribed on rod. Other identifying markings are an F surrounded by 4 dots. I put a 6wt. Wulff Long Belly (similar to a weight forward line) and at 20’ it loaded for me. I have a very short casting stroke - from my eye to my mouth/chin - allowing the rod to do all the work. I would call it semi parabolic. The taper at the butt does gradually increase and is not straight like a true parabolic rod. It’s almost like a Garrison (I’ve only cast the Duck versions). Deep but not to where it is bending in the handle. It’s quicker action threw tight loops effortlessly.

    Per the photos you can see it has a handle size more reminiscent of rods in the early days - not larger like modern builders. One thing I feel is the cork reel seat is a little thin in diameter for this weight rod. But that’s my preference. I put a 1940’s Perfect on it and with the ribbed foot it was not quite as secure as I would have liked it. A reel with a thin foot will not hold.

  • Model: Unknown Maker - Quick Semi Parabolic
    Length: 8' 0"
    Configuration: 2/2
    Line: 6 wt.
    Serial Number: