Young, Paul H. - Para 15, Texan 8' 6” (04)

  • The Texan is an 8' 6" Para 15. Surprising to me the difference in weight from the Para 15 to the Texan was nominal. But the extra power could be felt. Prepared by the Young shop in 1950 for Don West to wrap and varnish. Bob Summers refinished this rod and replaced the grip in 2012. One tip marked Trout is a tiptop loop shorter (1/4”). This tip feels like a 6wt. The other tip felt under powered picking up the 6wt and might need a 5wt. A past post on a forum shows it was sent to Bob Summers as a 1 tip rod. Remains unused. New/Restored

  • Model: Paul H. Young Para 15, Texan
    Length: 8’ 6”
    Configuration: 2/2
    Line: 5/6 wt.
    Serial Number: