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By virtue of consignment and acquisition of individual pieces or collections, we enable those in pursuit of classic and vintage fly tackle.

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John Bradford – Legacy 7' 6" 5wt 3/2

This is a John Bradford Legacy bamboo fly rod. John did not like 3-piece rods so we do not see many. All sections are full length and straight. John's Legacy bamboo rods are frequently listed in revered collections but seldom seen for sale. This one consists of mildly tempered cane with cinnamon wraps and gold tipping. Dickerson influenced intermediates for measuring your catch at 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14" from winding check. 

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Chris Raine - 8' 3" 4wt Hollow Built, Spring Creek Special

For your consideration is a Chris Raine Spring Creek Special hollow-built bamboo rod. This is an 8' 3" 3/2 for a 4wt. line weighing 3.5 oz. This rod is in like-new condition – lawn cast only. All sections are full length and straight. Rich flamed cane features translucent green wraps tipped black. Modified styling of a half wells grip is 6 1/4". Blued cap and ring over an elegantly shaped walnut spacer. 

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Jim Downs - 7' 5" 5wt.

This rod is a 7' 5” 2/2 5wt. The rod is in new condition. Medium tempered bamboo with forest green wraps tipped black along with burgundy in a few choice locations. The grip measures 6" and has 1/4" rings.

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Charlton – 8350C with 1/5 and the rare 1/2 spool

This is a Charlton 8350C fly reel. This is 3" in diameter with a 1" wide spool weighing 4.45oz. Serial number 8350-9452. The smallest and lightest of the Charlton Reels, the 8350 has long been a favorite of trout fisherman. 

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Peerless - Model 7

For your consideration is a Peerless Model 7. The diameter is 3" and weighs 5 1/2 oz. Currently set for LHW, easily converted to RHW. The raised pillar 7 Series was produced in limited production. The 7 is a good choice for a 5 or 6 weight line. 

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Rick Cunningham - Gillum Taper 7' 0" 4/5wt.

This is a 7' 0" 4/5 weight 3/2 Gillum taper. The rod is in excellent condition. All sections are full length and straight. Swiss-style ferrules with antique bluing have a perfect fit and resounding pop. The grip is moderately soiled but remains smooth.

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Mark Edmonds - Payne Parabolic Taper 7' 9" 

This is a Payne Parabolic taper bamboo rod from ninja builder Mark Edmonds. 7' 9" 3/2 for a 5/6wt, weighing 4.50 oz. This rod features resorcinol glue lines indicative of the pre-WWII Garrison era. The sliding band and cap... 

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EC Powell – 8' 6" 5wt, B-9 taper, hollow built

This is an EC Powell hollow built Maslan-era bamboo fly rod. A B-9 taper, 8' 6" 2/2 for a 5 weight line weighing 4.125 oz. The cork is smooth. The handle and reel seat show little to no signs of use. The black spacer is free of any scratches.

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