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E.C. Powell – 8' 0" B Taper, Hollow Built

For your consideration is a seldom found 8' 0" length E.C. Powell B Taper bamboo fly rod. This is a 1950s hollow built 8' 0", 2/2, 5wt/6wt. weighing 4.0 oz. All sections are full-length and straight. The hard rubber spacer remains in excellent condition. Often these are cracked because the wood beneath has expanded from moisture. The E.C. Powell Maker, Marysville, CAL in the aluminum remains boldly stamped and easily read...

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Lyle Dickerson 7613

This Model 7613 bamboo fly rod is in original condition. The 7613 is a 7' 6", 2/2, 5wt., 3.85 oz. All sections are full length and straight. This rod consists of medium tempered cane constructed in a 3x3 node pattern with Dickerson brown wraps and black tipping. Indicative Dickerson intermediates for measuring your catch at 7", 8", 9", and 10" from winding check. Grip measures 6" in length and shows only minor ridging.

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H.W. Hawes – 8' 6" 5/6 wt.  SOLD

Hiram Hawes (H.L. Leonards son-in-law) worked in the Leonard shop until Leonard’s death and then opened his own shop. Hiram was known for his casting ability, numerous casting records, and for being an excellent rod maker. 

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E.F. Payne – Model 197

This was sold in 1928 to early 1930s as a Model 198. The specs for this rare late 1920s/early 1930s model later became the 197, and the 198 became a faster, slightly more substantial taper. For many Payne enthusiasts, the 197 taper is the holy grail.

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E.W. Edwards – 8' 0" 5wt, Mt. Carmel

This an 8’ 0” 3/2 5wt rod. Medium flame-tempered cane with warm crimson silks and golden caramel tipping. The red and golden color of the agate stripping guide is a beautiful balance between the cane and wraps. Circular tenite winding check.

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Payne, E.F. – Model 202 5/6wt.

For your consideration is a Payne model 202 bamboo fly rod. This is an 8' 0" 3/2 5/6wt weighing 4.80 oz. (aluminum hardware accounts for 0.50 oz. of the weight). All sections are full-length and straight.

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Granger, Wright & McGill – 7633 4 wt.

This an original Wright & McGill Granger Aristocrat 7633 bamboo fly rod which is a 7' 6" 3/2 4wt weighing 4.25 oz. Ammonia-treated bamboo produced this rich dark bamboo which is complemented by caramel wraps along with brown tipping. 

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