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H.L. Leonard – Catskill 4-Piece, 4Wt.

This is a very rare H.L. Leonard Catskill four-piece Tournament bamboo fly rod in original condition. This pre-fire rod is in exceptional shape. This is an 8' 0" four-piece for a 4-weight line weighing 3.75 oz. The stamp on the butt cap reads "H.L. Leonard Rod, Leonard & Mills Co. Makers, Tournament," which indicates this rod was made between 1890 and 1925.

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Dr. Paul Hermann – Baby Hermann Trout Reel

This is a "Baby Hermann" fly reel handmade by Dr. Paul Hermann. This is a 2 5/8" diameter reel with a 1 5/8" frame width weighing 5.80 ounces. The click is neutral so it can be used in either LHW or RHW positions. The side plates are black Delrin and are flawless. Serial number "PH080" is stamped alongside the reel foot. A very rare reel because we mostly see salmon reels by Dr. Hermann. 

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Everett Garrison – Model 212 4/5 Wt.

Serial number C-8-5 dates Garrison's work to either 1933 or 1959. The guides, sliding band, and ferrules indicate this to be built in 1933. This rod is finished with transparent honey wraps with chestnut wraps...

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Chris Raine – 8' 3" 4wt. Hollow-Built

This is a Chris Raine Spring Creek Special hollow-built bamboo rod. This is an 8' 3" 3/2 for a 4-weight line weighing 3.5 oz. This rod is in like-new condition – lawn cast only. Blued cap and ring over an elegantly shaped walnut spacer.

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Bellinger – Nickel Silver 2 3/4"

These bench-made reels are made with nickel side bands with Delrin side plates. The side bands, or rims, have a very handsome arching curve to them instead of the usual flat bands. The counterbalance, winding-arm washer cup...

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Peerless – BiMetal Model No. 1

For your consideration is a very rare Peerless BiMetal Model No.1 fly reel. This is a 2 3/4" diameter with a 1 5/16" frame width weighing 4.2 oz. for lines up to DT 4 plus backing. Fixed drag. This is set for RHW and is interchangeable.

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Degere, Francis – 6' 0" 1 Wt.  SALE PENDING

This is a Francis "Digger" Degere Flea bamboo fly rod. The Flea is a 6' 0" two-piece for a 1-weight line weighing 2.60 oz. In my hand, the action is on the medium side of medium fast. "Digger" made rods for over 50 years. 

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These reissue Perfects are wonderful classic reels with a beautiful agate line guard. They pair with most any bamboo rod. The 2 5/8" is the right size to hold a 2 or 3-weight line. This one was lined and maybe fished one time. 

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Made for Winston by Hardy in England, these are finished in a deep Winston green and almost appear black in some light. This is a 2 7/8" diameter reel with a 1 5/16" frame. Made for 4 and 5-weight lines.

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This is a 7' 0" two-piece for a 4-weight line weighing 3.60 oz. This rod consists of blonde cane with red wraps. Grip measures 6" in length. In my hand, the action is on the medium side of medium fast bending down to the grip.

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