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By virtue of consignment and acquisition of individual pieces or collections, we enable those in pursuit of classic and vintage fly tackle.

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R.W. Summers – Model 82 (827)  Price Reduced

For sale is an R.W. Summers Model 82 or sometimes referred to as an 827 bamboo fly rod - 8’ 2” 2/2 7wt. Serial no. 121185. All sections are full length and straight. This is Bob Summers's favorite rod for the Michigan hex hatch using a size 6 fly.

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E.F. Payne – Model 200L 

This is an 8' 0" 3/2 3wt or 4wt weighing 3.50 oz. The tips mic at 0.0465 which is the same as a pre-fire Leonard 38L. Oxidized guides accompanied by a red agate stripping guide with the smallest diameter opening I have ever seen. This rod begs for a silk line. Butt cap reads E.F. Payne Rod.  E.F. Payne Rod Makers. This stamp was introduced in approx. 1925 and began fading out in 1932. Tips and agate suggest this falls early in this time frame.

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Recent listings

Bradford | Clark – 8' 0" 5wt.

One of six rods labeled "J.A. Bradford | M.D. Clark Makers. This is an 8' 0" 2/2 5wt weighing 4.75 oz. John Bradford made the blank in Walton Powell's shop and Mike Clark finished it out. See letter of provenance for more details. 

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D.G. Schroeder – 8' 0" 4wt., hollow built

Here is a Don Schroeder hollow built quad bamboo fly rod. This is an 8' 0" 2/2 4wt weighing 3.40 oz. Serial number 48208H. Don prefers to not hollow build his rods but made an exception for this custom order and did so with the butt section only.

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Gauldoni – Packrod with Bamboo Ferrules

This is a Gauldoni bamboo packrod with bamboo ferrules to lighten the load. This is a 7' 6" 4/2 for a 4 weight line weighing 4.0 oz. This rod was fished twice on the Frying Pan and proved to handle 17" fish fine. Gauldoni Rods are made in Denver, Colorado.

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A collection of Hardy Lightweight Series clones made in Japan will be sold as individuals, pairs, and sets of three. Included: Heddon, Roddy, Alford, Eagle Claw - Wright & McGill, Berkley, Zebco, Olympic, Daiwa, Forrestor, Garcia, Mastercraft.

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Abel – Golden Trout, #30 of 100

Here's a new unfished limited edition Abel Creek #1 large arbor fly reel including an interchangeable standard arbor spare spool in a golden trout design inspired by artist and conservationist James Prosek. 

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Jenkins Rod Co. – GA756  SALE PENDING

This is a 7' 6"' 2/2 4wt weighing 3.75 oz. All sections are full length and straight. This rod consists of rich flamed cane with transparent wraps. Cigar grip measures 6" in length. Classic cap and ring over a cherry wood spacer.

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