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By virtue of consignment and acquisition of individual pieces or collections, we enable those in pursuit of classic and vintage fly tackle.

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George Maurer – Rocky Mountain Special

For sale is a Maurer Sweetwater Rocky Mountain Special. This is a 7' 9" 3/2 for a 5 or 6 weight line. This is George's interpretation of the Para 14 and Para 15 in a shorter rod. As described on his website, "this exceptional taper will handle a wide range of flies and waters."

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Jenkins Rod Co. – GASC80L-1, 8'0" 4wt.

This s a very rare Jenkins bamboo fly rod. This is the very first 80L Charlie made. It's an 8' 0" 2/2 4wt weighing 3 5/8 oz. Serial number GASC80L-1. This rod consists of medium tempered cane with Payne like color wraps. Cigar grip measures 6" in length. Classic cap and ring over a cork spacer. Ferrule is size 14 with a perfect fit. In my hand, the action is on the medium side of medium-fast feeling much like a Payne 200.

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Recent listings

R.W. Summers – Model 856 

This is an 8' 0" 2/2. 4.95 oz. for a 5/6 line. This is one of the more popular models from Bob Summers and is in short supply on the secondary market. This beautifully dark flamed rod glistens in the sun. Exquisitely wrapped with caramel silks matching,,,

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D.G. Schroeder – 8' 0" 4wt., hollow built

Here is a Don Schroeder hollow built quad bamboo fly rod. This is an 8' 0" 2/2 4wt weighing 3.40 oz. Serial number 48208H. Don prefers to not hollow build his rods but made an exception for this custom order and did so with the butt section only.

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Gauldoni – Packrod with Bamboo Ferrules

This is a Gauldoni bamboo packrod with bamboo ferrules to lighten the load. This is a 7' 6" 4/2 for a 4 weight line weighing 4.0 oz. This rod was fished twice on the Frying Pan and proved to handle 17" fish fine. Gauldoni Rods are made in Denver, Colorado.

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Heddon – Model 310, 320, & 340

For sale is a set of Heddon fly reels. The set consists of a model 310, 320, and 340. These are replica Hardy Lightweight series reels that were made in Japan. The sizes reflect the Featherweight, LRH, and Princess models. 

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Ross Reels – No. 3 made in Etna, CA

This is an original Ross Reel made in Etna, California. The Original ‘’R’’ Reel Series was produced in both California and Colorado throughout the 1980s. This is a No3 with serial number No3-0094. This comes with both the ventilated and solid spools. 

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Jenkins Rod Co. – GA756

This is a 7' 6"' 2/2 4wt weighing 3.75 oz. All sections are full length and straight. This rod consists of rich flamed cane with transparent wraps. Cigar grip measures 6" in length. Classic cap and ring over a cherry wood spacer.

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