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By virtue of consignment and acquisition of individual pieces or collections, we enable those in pursuit of classic and vintage fly tackle.

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H.L. Leonard – 38L Fairy Catskill  PENDING

This is an all-original H.L. Leonard Model 38L "Fairy Catskill" bamboo fly rod. The grip portion of the all cork seat measures 5 inches. The reel seat is adorned by the desirable "wedding band" style slide ring. The tips mic at 0.0525. The blued hardware would have been a custom order. Serial number 379 dates to approximately 1970 – they implemented serial numbers in 1969.

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Pflueger Presentation Set

This is a custom-made presentation box housing a Pflueger Golden West 80 and Hawkeye 60. This box boasts dovetail fittings with bronze hinges, a heavy leather strap handle with snap closures, and thick leather inside filler to hold the reels. The jewel of the Pflueger line was and remains the Golden West "Bulldog." The unique rim design utilized sandwiching aluminum between two layers of hard rubber. Both the Golden West and Hawkeye featured German silver parts.

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Ted Godfrey – Westminster 253D 

The Westminster reels are finished with nickel silver counterbalances, rims, pillars, screws, and drag plates. The design allows for left-hand to right-hand conversion. Ted no longer builds this size in the Westminster lineup.

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F.E. Thomas – Special 8' 0" 4wt.

Butt cap is stamped "FE Thomas, Special, Bangor ME" on the side and 'dot' 77 on the end of the butt cap. Per the Thomas ledger, this was the 77th rod made in 1938 and sold to Abercrombie & Fitch on April 2, 1938.

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Peerless – Model 7M

The diameter is 2 3/4" and weighs 4.90 oz. Currently set for RHW, easily converted to LHW. The 7M – M stands for midge – is a good choice for 4 and 5-weight lines with space for plenty of backing. 

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Hardy Bros. – Uniqua 2 5/8  SOLD

This has the desirable telephone latch and rare rim tension screw. This is a 2 5/8" diameter reel with a 1 1/16" frame width weighing 4.15 ounces. The ebonite handle spins freely, and the telephone latch mechanism...

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Dingley – 3" Caged Spool

This is a rare 1920s Dingley 3" caged spool fly reel made for A. Carter & Co., South Molton St. W. This highly sought-after brass pin, caged spool reel has a 3" diameter with a 1 1/16" frame width weighing only 5.45 ounces.

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Dingley – 2 3/4" Uniqua Clone

Proudly stamped with a D and 4 inside and a 4 on the reel foot. The lights washed out the very deep grey color of this reel. This is a great example of the lasting and strong presence of leading on a reel made by William Henry Dingley.

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Hardy Bros. – Perfect 2 7/8" Spitfire

Originally produced in the first decades of the previous century, only 250 of these modern Spitfires were released at the beginning of the new millennium before production was moved out of England.

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Hardy Bros. – St. George 3" Limited Edition

This is number 268 of 500 made circa 2004. This is a 3" diameter reel with a 13/16" spool width weighing 4.85 ounces. Stamped CSN inside which corresponds to Charles Norris, then head of the Hardy reel construction.

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