By virtue of consignment and acquisition of individual pieces or collections, we enable those in pursuit of classic and vintage fly tackle.

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Marty Karstetter – 7' 6" 4wt. Hollow-built  SOLD

Marty has not made very many 7' 6" rods and this one is brand new to boot. This is constructed in a two opposed node pattern arranged in a spiral three inches apart. It has chestnut brown wraps with an agate stripping guide. The modified full-wells grip measures 5 3/4" in length and has a cap and ring with the cap stamped "Marty Karstetter Maker."

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Maurice Noel – Model 50

The rims, pillars, reel foot, and handle arm are all machined from titanium. The side plates are delrin. The diameter is 2 5/8." The spool width is 3/4" and weighs 5.20 ounces. Seven positions adjustable drag. This comes with an Arne Mason clamshell leather case the owner had custom-made for the reel.

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Garrison, Everett – Model 201 3/4 wt.

Serial number I-7-7 is marked on each section and dates this rod to 1940. This is a 7' 0" two-piece for a 3 or 4 weight line weighing 2.75 oz. The ring is swaged and knurled creating a raised edge...

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Payne, E.F. – Parabolic 7' 1"

A scarce and desirable E.F. Payne Parabolic bamboo fly rod. This is a 7' 1" two-piece for a 3 or 4 weight line weighing 3.90 oz. The all cork grip is smooth. The shouldered butt cap is stamped "Made for Abercrombie & Fitch."

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Bogdan, Stan – No. 00

This is a 3 1/4" diameter reel with a 2" frame and 7/8" spool width weighing 10 ounces. This has aluminum rims and spool with black anodized side plates, an 11-position adjustable drag, and the coveted double brake drag design.

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Karstetter, Marty – 8' 3" 4wt Hollow-built

This is a brand new Marty Karstetter 8' 3" three-piece for a 4-weight line weighing 3.85 oz. Marty says some have liked it with a 5 line. Serial Number 24921. Marty's rods are well sought after and this one is brand new.

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Payne, E.F. – Model 96

This is a 6' 6" two-piece for a 3 or 4 weight line weighing 2.75 oz. The 5" grip is smooth. In my hand, the action is medium-fast and is one special little wand for small to medium sized streams.

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Hodge & Sons – Classic 1/2  SOLD

This is a 2 7/8" diameter reel with a reel width of 1" weighing 3.95 ounces. Marked 1/2 on the side of the foot. Serial number 0010. The reel shows no signs of use other than a small surface scratch on the back side plate.

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Morgan, Tom –  7' 6" 5wt Fiberglass  SOLD

This is difficult to source Tom Morgan Rodsmiths fiberglass fly rod. This is a 7' 6" two-piece for a 5 weight line weighing 3.75 oz. Serial Number 2015-5-05. This was built during the Tom Morgan era.

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Abel – Vaya 5/6 Native Cutthroat

This is in mint condition with the additional cutthroat drag knob. This features a partially-ported frame for the perfect balance of weight, sound, and visual appeal. A 5-disc alternating carbon/stainless steel drag stack.

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