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H.L. Leonard 36L Fairy Catskill

This was the lightest model made by Leonard and is quite rare to find. This is a 6' 0" two-piece weighing 1.50 ounces. The reel seat is adorned by the desirable "wedding band" style slide ring. The tips mic at 0.0450 and 0.0475 and I'm told are close to as fine as can be made. It's exceedingly difficult to find this model made during any era in original, full-length condition. 

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H.L. Leonard Bi-Metal  SOLD

This H.L. Leonard Bi-Metal fly reel was made by Julius Vom Hofe. Marked "H.L. Leonard, Pat. No 191813" makes this the third and final version of the classic Leonard Bi-Metal reels. Constructed with a bronze frame, nickel silver foot, handle arm and cross-pillars, and an aluminum spool. A very fishable classic and coveted reel.

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Recent listings

William Mills & Son Fairy  SOLD

A very scarce William Mills & Son Fairy Reel. These were designed to be fished with the H.L. Leonard Fairy Catskill models and 'L' designated rods. The reel favors right-hand retrieve, and the click remains strong and loud. 

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E.F. Payne Model 201

For your consideration is a Payne model 201 bamboo fly rod. This is an 8' 0" three-piece for a 5-weight weighing 3.90 oz. All sections are full-length and straight. Ferrules are size 15 and 10 with a perfect fit.

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H.L. Leonard 8' 0" Fairy  PENDING

An exceptional all-original pre-fire H.L. Leonard 8' 0" "Fairy Catskill" bamboo fly rod. This is an 8' 0" three-piece weighing 2.25 ounces. It's exceedingly difficult to find this model in original, full-length condition. 

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Bellinger | Saracione 3" Deluxe

A Narrow Model 3 fly reel in right-hand retrieve. These bench-made reels are made with German silver protective side bands with Delrin side plates. Bolstered cross-pillars are made of German silver...

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Thomas & Thomas – 7' 6" 4wt. Paradigm  PENDING

The Paradigm is Tom Dorsey's favorite taper he designed. In the last ten years, this is only the second 7' 6" 4 weight Paradigm I have seen for sale. The fine tips develop quickly into a steep taper which levels out...

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H.L. Leonard – Hunt 50-5  SOLD

This is an H.L. Leonard Hunt Pattern Model 50-5 bamboo fly rod in unfished condition. This is a three-piece for a 5-weight line weighing 4.35 ounces with SN 8366. This Maxwell-influenced Hunt Pattern is a truly handsome rod.

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Peerless – 7MS PENDING

This is one of two 7-series reels produced in gold for the US market. 100 of these gold-finished reels were produced for a reseller in Japan. A valued customer in the USA requested to have two made for him – numbers 101 and 102.

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Hardy Bros. – Bougle Agate I

This is a rather scarce Bougle Agate I fly reel in new condition. The Agate I size is the most difficult to find and has a following believing this is arguably the most beautiful reel Hardy produced.

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