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By virtue of consignment and acquisition of individual pieces or collections, we enable those in pursuit of classic and vintage fly tackle.

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Marc Aroner – Spring Creek 5wt.

This is a Marc Aroner Spring Creek 7' 6" three-piece, two-tip for a 5-weight line weighing 4.0 oz. Marc's work is impeccable. Marc built this with an even bend throughout the rod, making it a moderate action like the other weights in the Spring Creek lineup. This rod has been handled with care and treated respectfully. This is in as close to new condition as a rod can be for having been fished.

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Mario Wojnicki – 225 F4

This is a 7' 6" two-piece for a 4-weight line weighing 3.15 ounces with the original protective paper and tape on the grip. The grip measures 6 1/4" in length with bronze-colored rings over a dark walnut spacer with a cork and wood butt cap. The bronzed bluing on the ferrules blends beautifully with the toning of the bamboo...

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Recent listings

Charlton 8350C - Configurable Reel 

The smallest and lightest of the Charlton Reels, the 8350 has long been a favorite of trout fishermen. This is in new condition and has never been lined. It is loaded with a 1/5 (3-5 wt line) spool. 

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R.D. Taylor – Presentation Model 7' 0"

Bob Taylor tragically lost his shop to fire a few years ago and he is no longer building rods. It's increasingly rare to find one of his rods in pristine condition. This rod consists of bronze wraps and full intermediates, black tipping, gold and burgundy accents...

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John Pickard – 6' 6" 4wt.

This rod was made from F.E. Thomas Mahogany Cane and wrapped with Dickerson brown wraps and black tipping. Indicative Dickerson intermediates for measuring your catch at 6", 7", and 8" from the tip of the cork grip.

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Perfection Fly Reel – Beaverkill

This consists of Delrin side plates, a naval brass (aka Admiralty Bronze) shaft and click assembly and an ebonite knob. Pillar to pillar the reel measures 3", the diameter of the rims is 2 1/2", the spool width is 1". The reel weighs 5.10 oz. 

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Mark Edmonds - Payne Parabolic Taper 7' 9" 

This is a Payne Parabolic taper bamboo rod from ninja builder Mark Edmonds. 7' 9" 3/2 for a 5/6wt, weighing 4.50 oz. This rod features resorcinol glue lines indicative of the pre-WWII golden era. The sliding band and cap... 

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Lyon & Coulson - #400 7' 6" 4wt., Heddon Trade Rod

In all original condition. In my hand, the action is on the fast side of medium-fast with a very decisive dry fly demeanor from the ferrule and above. A great point and shoot taper that is delightful. 

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